Finding Industry-Specific Content

We select the best content for a leading telecom co., saving them time

Problems We Addressed

Too much time spent sifting through news, blogs and social media posts

Little business value generated via social media channels

 Social Media Content

How We Got Started

  • Examined their content strategy
  • Aggregated content from reliable sources
  • Refined our approach
  • Implemented automatic content tools



How We Support Them

  • Maintain a ‘newsroom’ where they effortlessly share content
  • Find 20 articles, blogs, Tweets and other posts each week
  • Adapt social tools to the client, making it easy to hit ‘share’
  • Email notifications with new content




  • Social media manager saves hours per week
  • New, reliable social media partners identified
  • Improved competitor monitoring
  • Consolidation of social media dashboards
  • Streamlined process for social media manager

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