Global Digital Strategy Plan

The Challenge

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) was created in 2002 to support public-private partnerships aimed at eliminating malnutrition in communities around the world. GAIN works with over 600 companies across 50 countries as part of it’s goal to serve more than 1.5 billion people with nutritionally enhanced and sustainable foods. As their 10 year anniversary arrived GAIN sought new ways to identify and engage with their target market in the ever expanding online space.

Our Solution

We conducted a brand assessment and developed global digital strategy recommendations for GAIN, whose programs are reaching 667 million people. The report included target audience research, long-term and short-term objectives, as well as policies and guidelines for social media.

The Results

The 45 page report was so well received by its senior leadership, GAIN engaged Social Grinder for strategy implementation and digital marketing tactics.