Education Mini-Documentary

The International Baccalaureate encourages minority students nationwide to Experience the Diploma Programme, one of the most challenging high-school curriculums. By sharing stories of success, this mini-documentary takes an honest look into the lives of dedicated students.

The Problem:

Low percentage of minority students starting and completing the IB Diploma Programme.

The Process:

Working closely with IB Americas Director of Communications, we conducted focus groups to determine our messaging. Next, we developed two storyboards to help the client understand our vision for the video products. With support from Hollywood, CA Big Footage, we captured students in their native habitat: high-school classrooms. With many hours of reality-TV style footage, we quickly narrowed it down to the clips that had the most impact.

The Solution:

An authentic, documentary-style, appeal to younger students and their parents seeking answers about high school, who DP students are and how certain DP students made important choices early on. DP Student testimonials that provide cohesiveness to this production include:

  • I am unique and I believe in myself
  • I am part of a community
  • The DP allowed me to participate in: arts, sports
  • I made a choice to…