Cinematic Promo

The International Baccalaureate works with over one million students in more than 140 countries. We directed and produced Choices to appeal to minority audiences nationwide and boost interest in their Diploma Programme.

The Problem:

Low percentage of minority students starting and completing the IB Diploma Programme.

Our Process:

Working closely with IB Americas Director of Communications, we conducted focus groups to determine our messaging. Next, we developed two storyboards to help the client understand our vision for the video products. In partnership with IB staff, we coordinated many shoots in the Washington, D.C. area. The client reviewed rough drafts online and approved our two final cuts.


 What We Do



The Solution:

A video portrait of current Diploma Programme (DP) students that draws upon students’ future aspirations, connecting with their goals for college and career, demonstrating that the DP will help them get there, and encouraging them that they can do it. With a movie-like feel, motivational music and subtle on-screen typography this piece will touch upon the following themes:

  • I am going somewhere
  • It’s worth it – the DP will get me where I am going
  • I can do it