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Oversaw design, development, digital strategy while implementing content management procedures for

The Problem:

We helped, a Washington D.C. online radio station, get their modern web presence off the ground. BLIS staff wanted to be able to create, edit, and delete site content with ease, and they needed their listeners to be able to tune in using mobile devices.

Our Process:

By redesigning their website and moving it over to WordPress, we provided a responsive design to allow listeners to tune in to podcasts on any device, and we worked with BLIS on a more intuitive layout for radio show pages.
Furthermore, we put in place an automated workflow that allows BLIS staff to update a podcast post by publishing it on an external syndication website.
New show pages are created with ease and at minimal cost, using a comprehensive video workflow that can be shared with staff (having no prior web training). We built a well-oiled machine that takes care of the minutiae that dominate content-heavy websites.
The station also adapted to the new Livestream platform for increased functionality and capabilities.

The Results:

BLIS has enjoyed continued listener engagement throughout the redesign process, and the site upgrades have allowed them to feature more of their in-house performances and interviews with major players in the urban music scene. With an increased social media presence, better advertising displays, and regular analytics reporting, we were happy to put BLIS in a position to lead the DC radio underground.