Non-Profit Site Expansion

We designed a user interface that aggregates non-profit resources, providing value to the international development community. The 1,000 Days Resources library was designed as a “one-stop-shop” for advocates, policy makers, opinion leaders and anyone interested in learning more about maternal and child nutrition.


The Problem:

The issue of child malnutrition has garnered increased attention across the global health and development sectors. This has led to a growing body of evidence that makes the case that investing in better nutrition during a child’s first 1,000 days of life can improve health and drive long-term economic growth. Secretary Clinton chartered this website prior to our involvement, yet it had not yet become a central hub for the international development community. We assumed website management and digital strategy for them with this goal in mind.


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Our Process:

Initially, we handled numerous requests to improve the website and implement long overdue content updates. Next, we performed a heuristic review of the site to determine appropriate next steps. To reduce cost and scale up engineering efforts, we engaged a team of overseas developers.

The Solution:

Under our management, the site has boosted traffic and achieved business goals. The resources library is a collection of the must-have and must-read research papers, publications, presentations, and infographics from cross-cutting fields. We designed this user interface to help visitors discover documents and browse them without leaving the site.