Nutrition Newsroom Publishes Itself

The Nutrition Newsroom is designed to bring you the latest nutrition-related news from around the web and world, including blogs, all in one place. In recent years, the importance of nutrition has garnered increased attention, growing from coverage by global development news and opinion outlets to making the headlines of major news outlets worldwide. 1,000 Days hopes this new tool will help showcase the importance nutrition plays not only in people’s lives, but also in the healthy growth of nations and economies.

The Nutrition Newsroom delivers up-to-the-minute news and blogs for communications staff to review. Some content is pre-approved and will publish automatically. Other content is highlighted, shared and/or published by staff as they see fit.

The Problem:

It’s hard to keep fresh content on your website and blog – you’ve got other things to worry about. It’s important for any organization to garner attention online and establish thought leadership in their industry.

The Solution:

A well-organized information hub that practically publishes itself. The Newsroom translates social media into impact for any organization.