UX Resource – Usability Test Video (Steve Krug)

There are very view videos of professional usability tests on the Web.  This video, recorded by Steve Krug (the author of Don’t Make Me Think, a UX Bible of sorts) is a great example of how to lead a usability test from start to finish.  A great opportunity to watch someone using a well-designed site […]

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Tool Review: PeopleBrowsr

This tool has now matured into Research.ly. Have a look at some of the features Dave Haft designed for PeopleBrowsr. This analytics tool set the stage for reporting tools like Hootsuite, Radian6 and CoTweet.

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Dave Haft

Team Lead

I’m a Social Media Technologist with 8+ years experience measuring and executing digital campaigns. A unique combination of communications consulting and technical prowess helps me get projects done faster.

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Dave Bloom

Web & UX Lead

I’m currently doing web/app design, development, DJing, etc. My studies in the field of User Experience Design have inspired me to direct my efforts toward helping fellow DJs and producers (and their audiences) create better musical experiences.

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