How to Be Seen as a Busy Web Publisher

When customers want information about a business, the Internet is often the first place to look. If your company’s website is outdated, a customer’s first impression likely isn’t a good one. Your social media sites are equally important, since consumers often turn to a business’s Facebook or Twitter page for information like hours of operation and location. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your online presence, here are a few things to consider.

Low-Cost Design

Businesses no longer have to hire a high-paid programmer to develop a business site. Tools like WordPress and Wix provide professionally-designed templates you can customize to fit your brand. While you can use both of these services for free, to create a truly unique site, plan on paying a small fee.

Delegate Updates

To have an effective online presence, your business will need a regularly-updated website and active social media profiles. Keeping all of this updated with fresh content can be time consuming, especially for extremely busy business owners. Consider turning over this responsibility to an internal or external team with at least one writer and marketer. They should dedicate a handful of hours each week to properly represent your business.

Use Automation

As with everything else in an organization, the process of updating your website and social media accounts can rely on automation to make things easier. Your blogs can be written in advance to deploy at a set time and, through services like HootSuite, you can set updates to post across all of your social media accounts at predetermined times.

Any growing business today needs an active web presence to reach customers. Through these tools, even the most active business owner can make it seem as though she’s at the computer, working on her website and social media accounts throughout the day.