Social Media meets Outsourcing

At Social Grinder, we’re passionate about lifting people out of poverty. I guess the social impact of our NGO clients – and the work their doing – is rubbing off on us. For many years, we’ve thought about how technology can empower people; to learn, to earn a living and have freedom.

An emerging sector within the global business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is one that employ people that otherwise would not have gotten a job in the formal economy. Impact sourcing, as it’s called, includes service providers like B2R in India. Dhiraj Dilwani, the CEO, spoke with us about how social media applications can benefit from outsourcing to his employees who only have a high-school degree:

The Social Grinder Newsroom can leverage outsourced content managers, so we think his viewpoint is compelling for tech companies and startups that offer web-based products. In particular, there’s an opportunity for services (and the humans behind them) to be packaged as a product – making the customer experience extremely straightforward.