Dave Haft

Dave Haft
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Accomplished Social Media Technologist with 8+ years of measurable success managing digital media campaigns and contributing to marketing teams. Specialize in translating enterprise-scale business goals into social media marketing strategies.

Unique combination of hands-on communications experience complemented by a deep technical understanding of social networks. Areas of expertise include:

♦ Digital Publications: Significant experience with unique aspects of content creation for social networks and video-sharing sites. Managed Web site content management systems (CMS) and ensured quality control, coordinating content among departments.

♦ Digital Teams Management: Adept at developing and implementing digital publishing systems, Web products, and governance infrastructures that cross organizational boundaries. Experience directing content creation and developer staff.

♦ Social Media Analytics: Developed product vision and user-interface elements for a measurement Web application featured on Mashable. In-depth quantitative data analyses, qualitative research experience, and strategic planning for clients in the public and private sector.

♦ Social Media Marketing: Tremendous success leveraging Facebook Ads; 100% boost in participation among target audience. Blending interactive streaming video experiences and real-world events to build brand awareness; related Facebook page now has over 209,000 fans, videos with one million plus viewer minutes in 104 countries.

♦ Social Media Outreach: Reaching communications objectives within social network communities; managed organizational blogs; creating multimedia for brand awareness, and developing products and tools that fuse offline and online efforts for targeting audiences.

♦ Web Site Management: Designed and implemented marketing Web sites. For the public sector, audited health-related Web sites to identify needed improvements; implemented optimizations, and managed content.