Efficiency ‘Never Higher’ For Prominent D.C. Startup Thanks To Kenya Team

It often takes a human touch to process business data accurately. Many enterprises tap talent in far away places to harness the value of their data. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to outsource digital tasks in a socially-responsible way. It’s a win-win that positively impacts communities doing the work while simultaneously generating business value for enterprises that receive the work.

The practice of socially-responsible outsourcing, also called Impact Sourcing, has touched down in Washington, DC.

We’re excited to show you how Social Tables works with high-tech workers in Kenya to process architectural drawings. We helped migrate the work from Washington, DC to Nairobi and we continue to provide project oversight.

At Social Grinder, we help dissect your business functions and decide how to outsource it. Know that we’re committed to doing this in a way that maximizes your impact on people’s livelihoods.