Multi-Lingual Web Application

More and more web-based applications are following in the footsteps of Turbo Tax® Online. Whether you need to do your taxes or complete a business process, people prefer to handle the task one step at a time. Furthermore, businesses find it convenient to store their information in the cloud. A web-based application offers the flexibility to login from anywhere, and your work is saved as you go. Your valuable information will always be there, even if something bad happens to your computer. It’s a great solution for businesses preparing for a disaster. Whether it’s an earthquake, an office fire or political unrest – you might go out of business if you’re not prepared.

When they sought a development partner, disaster consultants DRB Working Group looked no further than Social Grinder. We re-built their Disaster Resistant Business Toolkit desktop software from the ground up – transitioning it to the cloud and years ahead of any comparable solution. With support from the Turkish ‘chamber of commerce,’ the tool was translated and sensitized for thousands of Turkish small businesses.

Built upon years of experience, the toolkit offers a unique way for businesses of any size to create a disaster plan. By answering a series of questions and intuitively collecting data from your business organization, the toolkit guides you through nine chapters. Since it might take you weeks to complete everything, we prepared videos in English and Turkish to encourage you to keep going. Your work is secured with the latest web technology and colleagues can collaborate with you within the application.

As you move from one screen to the next, the application let’s you know:

  • What to do next and how to do it
  • How far you’ve come, and an approximation of the time it’ll take you to finish
  • If another colleague marked this step as complete
  • How an example company might have addressed the current chapter

At the time of this writing, we were still rolling out the product to users. We’ll update this page as our story continues…