How We Automate Invoicing & Payments

We try to spend more time growing our business and less time running it. Recently, we reviewed payment and accounting tools in search of a fully automated billing solution. We use FreshBooks to log our team’s time spent on various client projects. It’s a web-based accounting system that sends invoices to our clients. Like many such tools, FreshBooks […]

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How to Be Seen as a Busy Web Publisher

When customers want information about a business, the Internet is often the first place to look. If your company’s website is outdated, a customer’s first impression likely isn’t a good one. Your social media sites are equally important, since consumers often turn to a business’s Facebook or Twitter page for information like hours of operation […]

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The Socially-Responsible Outsourcing We Manage

At Social Grinder, we help break down your business processes and decide how to outsource them. Know that we’re committed to doing this in a way that maximizes your impact on people’s livelihoods. is one our key initiatives focused on social responsibility and business process outsourcing. We think it’s a really great online resource […]

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