How to Be Seen as a Busy Web Publisher

When customers want information about a business, the Internet is often the first place to look. If your company’s website is outdated, a customer’s first impression likely isn’t a good one. Your social media sites are equally important, since consumers often turn to a business’s Facebook or Twitter page for information like hours of operation […]

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The Socially-Responsible Outsourcing We Manage

At Social Grinder, we help break down your business processes and decide how to outsource them. Know that we’re committed to doing this in a way that maximizes your impact on people’s livelihoods. is one our key initiatives focused on social responsibility and business process outsourcing. We think it’s a really great online resource […]

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Architecture Week Promo

The American Institute of Architects wanted to leverage online video and social media to inspire the public and engage youthful audiences. We developed an approach around powerful imagery and testimonials from the very types of people they sought to reach.

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Example Project: Kenya Team Delivers for D.C. Startup

It often takes a human touch to process business data accurately. Many enterprises tap talent in far away places to harness the value of their data. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to outsource digital tasks in a socially-responsible way. It’s a win-win that positively impacts communities doing the work while simultaneously generating business value […]

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Cinematic Promo

We directed and produced Choices for the International Baccalaureate to engage minority audiences nationwide.

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